Opt for Himalayan Homestays

Homestays offer you a unique opportunity to stay with, and share the culture of Ladakhi people in their traditional homes in remote villages, while trekking through rugged habitat of the endangered snow leopard. It allows you to enjoy the rhythm of life in hamlets where farming and livestock herding has been the way of life for centuries. These homestays are offered along trekking routes in Sham, Hemis, and Zanskar.

Our Aims & Objectives

  • Ensure that host communities have developed a unique mountain experience, and are obtaining a fair return for their services and investment.
  • Ensure that Homestays contribute to conserving local cultural and natural heritage.
  • Create a distinctive, authentic, reliable, tourist accommodation and experience
  • Established of homestay sites  – there are  rotating system  in every village and there responsible person maintain the 10%  contribution into conservation  fund  and end of season, the contributed conservation fund  is utilizing  in conservation activities  like Renovation the cultural features, garbage management, Livestock insurance,  improve the livestock enclosure
  • Trained the local youth in guiding skill like wildlife guide,  bird watching guide  , expedition guide, like winter  Chaddar trek  ( ice  frozen river)

Himalayan Homestays provide you :

  • A clean, comfortable room (with candle or solar light), furnished in Ladakhi style
  • Traditional Ladakhi meals, cooked hygienically, using eco-friendly methods
    Boiled spring water to drink
  • A clean, traditional dry-composting toilet
  • Local nature guides in some villages, to show you around the village and take you wildlife viewing
  • Refreshing showers, with solar heated water in a few sites
  • Special snow leopard treks in winter, led by local naturalists